Frequently Asked Questions

What are your turnaround times?

Because we do the work our timeframes are a lot quicker than the brokers and middlemen. Usually we can have your job to you in 5 days from artwork approval.

How do you like your artwork?

If you go to our artwork pages it is all listed there.

How is embroidery priced?

Embroidery is priced on the amount of stitches used in your logo. Normally we include the first position embroidery (up to 5000 stitches) for free.

What are set up fees?

For both printing and embroidery there is always time involved in getting artwork ready to actually to the job. This can involve making screens, generating digital art files and mixing inks. Our set up costs are small, usually around $25-40 per screen and between $40 and $60 for embroidery.

If I have already paid to set my logo up, do I pay another setup fee for a repeat order?


Can you fit in rush jobs?

Yes we usually can. Once again because we are doing the work we can move jobs around to suit our customers.

Do you do samples?

Yes sometimes. Normally our artwork approval e-mails removes the need for sampling.

What is the biggest screenprint run you have done?

10,000 T-Shirts six colour front and six colour back. This was in, printed, folded, bagged and out the door again in a little over 2 weeks.

What is the most cost effective run size?

Anything over 20 is the most cost effective, but prices do come down when the volume goes up.

Will you do 5?

Of course.

Do I need to come to your showroom?

No, not really. We have four account managers from Tauranga to Wellington so we can come and see you. Alternately, most quoting and product finding is done via e-mail these days so you can relax in the comfort of your office and organise it all from there.

What if my job is wrong?

This is rare but we are all human and the embroidery and printing industry is very people oriented. If your job is not right we will make it right 100%

What are your payment terms?

Normally the first job is COD and then we will set up an account for you. Once you have an account a statement will be sent by Scottish Pacific (a debt factoring company) and you pay them on the 20th of the month following.

Have a few tricky Questions for us?

Sometimes it just easier to talk to a person. For support please be sure to contact us

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